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We love teaching students of all ages and abilities. We believe in the Music philosophy that everyone, without exception, is deeply and profoundly musical. Helping others discover and develop their inherent musicality is our primary goal.  

Piano Age 6-96
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  • Special Needs Students
  • Preschool age 4-5
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 Vera grew up in Riga, Latvia and as a child she took traditional piano and violin lessons.   

She has been a piano teacher for over 15 years.  Her experience in music started in former Soviet Union in a music school.  Vera also was involved in her church with Children's music ministry as a choir director, assisted with camps organization and teaching.  She has a big heart and passion for music and children.

Vera has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Fresno Pacific University with Emphasis in Music.  Through teaching she hopes to encourage others to enjoy the gift of music.

Vera Kotenkov Oliver
Owner/ Music Teacher

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